Other Products

Products include canvas, block, ‘designer ice’ acrylic, picture framing, photo cubes, coffee table books, calendars, personalised gift vouchers or other gift accessories.

Lifestyle photography is all about using your natural expressions, body language and personality to form art within the images, so why not use your favourite images to create an actual piece of art as a feature in your home.


Our canvas wrap prints are of the highest quality. Each is printed on true canvas and has a protective coating, which protects the canvas from fading, and repels the dust from settling into the material, therefore, to clean your canvas, all you need is a clean dry cloth to wipe it. It is then properly stretched over a very thick wood frame using a machine to ensure it is as tight as a drum.
Large Canvas print from £195


Enhance any modern room with our contemporary block range. Choose whether to have one large image for impact or to have a montage of images. The black edging gives a heavy contrast to the white background of the studio images, however, this edging can be a colour of your choice when requested, to suit your home or image chosen. Before you receive your block, it has a protective lacquer applied to give that extra durability.

Large Block print from £195

Designer Ice Acrylics

Our Designer Ice products have become really popular as they add a very elegant and stylish feature to your home. With a choice of sizes and quantity of images used, this is a truly glamorous way to display your images.

Multi image Designer Ice from £185

Ice Sandwich

Part of the ‘Designer Ice’ range of products, this is ideal for a desktop as it displays two 8×6” images of your choice (one on each side). The unique feature with the sandwich is that it is magnetic, therefore, you are free to update it by simply buying the prints on your next visit

Just £60

Picture Framing

We have a choice of black or natural wood frames, all mounted and with matching fillets to really show off your chosen photograph. Our stock sizes are 7×5”, 10×8”, 10×12” or 20×16”

From £40

Panoramic Frames

This is a beautiful way to display a number of photographs in one large, mounted and framed art piece. We have a choice of black or natural wood to suit your home. If you are limited for space, we can offer three 7×5” prints within one frame, or if you have a large or narrow wall space, why not opt for a longer frame holding five 7×5” prints. Please note that the frame can be hung either landscape or portrait.

Panaramic3 including photographs £90
Panaramic5 including photographs £150

Photo Cubes

Ideal for a desk top or gift to someone special, the photo cube is a bespoke wood cube with five of your favourite images printed. It is unique and unusual, and looks great whether you own just one or you have a group of them displayed together.

Just £60

Special Offer – If you purchase two cubes, you can buy the third at half price.


Our lay flat coffee table books are a great way to keep all your favourite images. Simply slide it away with your other books so that you can easily reach it every time you want to show it off to your guests.

From £190

We also offer other great gift and photo accessory ideas, please ask if you require further information.